Back to (Obedience) School

It’s back to school season, although this year’s version looks remarkably different from any other transition from summer to fall that we can remember. Classes from Kindergarten to college have begun meeting, either in-person, online or in some combination. More changes could be on the way if COVID-19 cases increase and those meeting face to face are sent back home. In many ways, change is the only constant these days, especially when it comes to school.

One thing we do know for sure is that schooling for your dog is always a good investment of time and effort. Especially after this unusual summer with many families at home non-stop, often relaxing the rules just to get by. A well-trained dog will help lower the stress levels in your house and make online school or working from home that much easier.

A good dog training program will also give your dog more confidence, mental stimulation, and a stronger bond with you … a win/win/win! Being the pet parent of a happy, obedient dog will be more enjoyable for both of you and lead to a closer relationship. If your dog’s manners and antics are out of control, your daily interactions will likely be more tense and unpleasant. Teaching your dog to obey is also a safety consideration. A well-trained dog will be more reliable around your family and friends and is less likely to get himself in a dangerous situation, such as running out in front of a car.

If your dog ever exhibits aggressive behavior, such as growling at inanimate objects or nipping during feeding time, remember that the aggression is often just a symptom of an underlying problem. To help identify the cause of the behavior, make note of when your dog becomes aggressive and what circumstances were surrounding that behavior. Positive reinforcement is a great way to combat bad behavior, but sometimes you need to bring in a professional.

If your dog shows aggressive behavior or you don’t have the time or confidence to improve your dog’s obedience, consider our dog training programs here at Puppy Tubs. Our certified instructors will work with you to evaluate your dog’s strengths and areas of need, then create a training plan to address those needs and equip you with the tools to improve the harmony around your house. Whether you’re working from home, supervising online school or leaving your dog at home all day for the first time in months, schooling your pet on obedience basics is a smart move!