Professional Dog Training in South Atlanta

Dogs have been our partners for thousands of years, and it’s in their nature to be willing & eager to please. Proper training will lead you to the relationship based on trust & respect that dogs & humans have enjoyed for centuries. Peachtree Pets offers group and private classes for obedience, canine sports, puppy training, and more. We also offer Board and train and Daycare and train packages.

Personalized Private Training

Do you find your dog pulling on the leash and running away when called? Does he jump on guests at your front door? These common challenges can be overcome with professional direction. Our experienced trainers will help you and your dog forge a better understanding of one another.

We use a combination of approaches to provide your dog a well-rounded canine education. Our balance of leadership and affection establishes clearer communication between pet and owner.

We assess the specific goals & challenges faced by you and your dog and design a specially-tailored training program for better end results. Our technique works for all breeds, ages, and personalities.

Our three major goals include:

  1. Teaching your dog to recognize and respond to common obedience commands such as sit, stay, and lay down
  2. Teaching you & your family to maintain good training habits at home
  3. Ensuring your dog retains his new knowledge outside of the classroom

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Our Class Offerings

Peachtree Pets offers a wide variety of group and individual training, from beginning puppy classes to advanced obedience. We also offer beginning agility classes in south Atlanta’s only indoor agility gym.

  • Basic & advanced obedience
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Puppy classes
  • Agility
  • Pet Evaluators available for Therapy Pets Unlimited Testing and AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

Lodging & Daycare Training Packages

Whether you’re away on extended vacation or just for the day, Peachtree Pets offers special dog training programs for your pup during his visit.

Lodge & Learn. While your dog boards with us, our staff will lead daily exercises based on repetition and positive reinforcement. Lessons change daily, and can include leash manners, obedience commands, impulse control, and more.

Daycare Camp. Daycare guests will enjoy training games during their visit. These sessions include individual and group learning combined with socialization and plenty of exercise. We’re here to prove learning can be a ton of fun!

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Puppy Training Classes

Dogs are most impressionable in the first months of their life, and puppies require special attention and care to grow into the best dogs they can be. Our Peachtree Pets dog trainers are especially experienced in helping puppies make the most of these crucial stages of development while providing plenty of affection and comfort.

Our puppy training includes:

  • Lots of positive reinforcement and repetition
  • Introduction to basic obedience commands like sit & stay
  • Introduction to good manners and leash behavior
  • Critical socialization with humans & other puppies. Studies show early socialization leads to more confident & happier adult dogs!

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