Medical Services

Dog holding a toothbrush in their mouth.


Peachtree Pets is lucky to have skilled veterinary surgeons with years of experience. Should your pet need any type of surgical procedure, you can rest assured that they are in compassionate and qualified hands. From minor operations like spay/neuter to more serious surgical procedures, we will take the absolute best care of your pet. Pain management and aftercare are also part of the surgical process, so you can feel confident that your pet will be taken care of from nose to tail.


Just like people, veterinary dentistry is an important part of pet wellness. Dental disease can lead to serious health issues, and poor oral hygiene can lead to a multitude of problems that are easily avoidable with good dental practices. Peachtree Pets recommends bringing your pet in for bi-annual cleanings to remove pesky tartar buildup and to keep your four-legged friend’s teeth peachy keen. During your wellness exam, your veterinarian will discuss dental practices and procedures with you including cleanings, extractions, general anesthesia, and a good pet dental plan.

Ultrasound & X-Ray

Diagnostic ultrasound is an imaging method that produces images of structures within the body. It provides a high-quality view of internal organs to locate tumors, cysts, and stones as well as being an effective tool in pet pregnancy to ensure proper development. Ultrasound imaging is easy, safe, painless, and non-invasive. It does not require your pet to be sedated and provides instant visual results so you can discuss right then and there with your veterinarian.

Similarly, x-rays are used to create digital images of the body and can diagnose many different conditions such as tumors, bladder stones, pregnancy, broken bones, and more. X-rays are a highly reliable, common, and painless form of medical imaging and usually does not require sedation unless your pet is particularly anxious or fidgety, which would obstruct clear imaging. In those cases, a mild sedative can do the trick. Our skilled and gentle veterinarians will make sure that you are well informed about the process and that your pet is comfortable during the procedure. We want every pet and pet family to have the best possible experience.

Grey cat receiving an ultrasound
Veterinarian petting dog

Parasite Screening & Prevention 

Your pet’s health is our top priority, and we are proud to offer parasite screening and deworming. Parasites can be dangerous to both your pet and you, so screening is an important part of your pet’s health regimen. Signs that your pet may have a parasite include increased hunger, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. It’s as easy as a simple stool sample to determine whether your pet is infected, so make sure to have a conversation with your veterinarian to discuss in more detail.

In-House Veterinary Diagnostics 

Peachtree Pets is proud to use in-house diagnostics to test and monitor an array of infectious diseases. We have a laboratory on the premises here at our facility in Peachtree City, so pet parents can provide samples when they come in and results will be timely. Diagnostic services include but are not limited to:

  • Urinalysis for signs of disease or infection

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Intestinal parasite testing 

  • Extensive chemistry panels from bloodwork

If your pet needs diagnostic testing, call to book an appointment. Our experienced veterinarians will walk you through the process and answer all your questions.

Acupuncture for Pets

Did you know that the ancient practice of acupuncture can also provide similar benefits for your pet? Acupuncture for pets is a safe procedure that is virtually distress free. Some indications a pet may benefit from animal acupuncture include arthritis, paralysis or other deficits from neck and back disease, torn ligaments, post-operative pain and healing, seizures, chronic kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. There are no known "side effects" from acupuncture. Most of the time, canine and feline patients are quite comfortable with treatment and express no distress. Many times, they simply lie down and take a nap. The frequency of treatments and number of sessions is largely dependent on the patient's specific condition, but we usually start at once or twice a week. Typically, it takes at least three to five sessions before owners start to notice improvement, but sometimes changes are obvious from day one. After the first 3 to 5 sessions, many patients continue treatment but less frequently. If you think your pet would benefit from acupuncture treatment, contact us for more information.

Veterinarian holding dog.